Best Rolling Pin in India 2022

We’ve all grown up seeing our grandmothers flatten Indian bread with their hands and our mothers flatten it with rolling pin. While French, Italian, and American rolling pins are typically used on a flat surface such as the platform, Indian rolling pins are used in conjunction with a round board on which the bread is rolled.

Cooking with your fingers on a flat surface is challenging and while you can work it out over time, it’s way more convenient to use a rolling pin.

What Is a Rolling Pin?

Rolling pins are used to flatten bread dough. It is the most common and easiest method of cooking. The dough is rolled out on a board with a thin layer of flour. Usually, this is a round flat, hardboard. The dough is then kept on the board, rolled into a thin disk.

What are the Types of rolling pins in India?

For Indian bread, it is better to choose a good rolling pin to make bread. There are two types of rolling pins in India: flying pin and hand-rolling pins.

1. Flying pins

This type of rolling pin is fast. It is better if you want to make Indian bread. If you want to make fresh pao, this rolling pin is suitable for it. The wood of the fly pin is hard and sound. Flying pins are good for making flatbread like chapatis and they look a lot like mortars. They are made of solid hardwood and they roll on thin top plates. They come in various sizes like 12 to 16 inches. It is used in Indian cooking, but it is very difficult to use. 

The type of wood used to make flying pins depend on the country of origin and country of manufacture. Generally, wooden flying pins have hard, straight edges and it rolls the dough very easily. They are available in softwood and hardwood varieties. 

2. Hand-rolling pin

The pin is much less fat and has a metal coating. The bottom of the pin is thick. The inner diameter of the pin is little and it can easily make a flour mixture. The metal coating on the bottom of the pin is very thick. The flying pin is heavier than the hand-rolling pin, this is the reason why you have to choose the hand-rolling pin for making flatbreads. 

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How to use a rolling pin for Indian bread?

The rolling pins for Indian bread are the essential tool to make the perfect circle dough. The perfect circle of bread dough is commonly known as roti. To prepare the dough you need to put all the ingredients on the flour and make the dough into a ball. If you have a clean bowl, you can make this dough in no time.

You must be very careful while making flatbreads because the roller will come in contact with the flour dough and the dough will get sticky. You must remove the dough before it gets too sticky.

Benefits of rolling pins in India

For a home cook, the roll-pin is an indispensable household tool and also one of the most fun and interesting kitchen utensils. Most people love cooking and even if they don’t like it, they know the basics of preparing some simple meals from scratch. They are also likely to enjoy learning how to prepare and cook the most complicated recipes with ease and flourish.

Several food enthusiasts purchase a rolling pin every year to add to their kitchen tools. The roll-pin is the basic tool for preparing food and bread. It’s usually used to roll out the dough and flatten it. A rolled-out piece of dough can be used to make rotis, chapatis, the crust of a French loaf, or to cover a pizza in the oven.

Rolling pins are sturdy and easy to use. There are many reasons why using a rolling pin is better. A rolling pin can be used with bread, cakes, and cookies. If you are a savory kind of person, a rolling pin can also be used to roll out dough. It is easy to clean. Just clean the surface with water and rinse it, and dry it. It takes just minutes to roll out dough. Rolling pins are fun to use. Everyone enjoys rolling out dough.

Can you make Indian bread with the new rolling pin?

Many people think that they will not get a proper result with the new rolling pin. But, they should not worry. You need to roll a couple of times and it will get soft and smooth. The price of the rolling pin is less, and you will be using it for more than 2 years.

What can you do with the rolling pin?

This is not only the best thing you can use for the rolling but also can do everything else with it.

How to choose the best rolling pins in India?

For first-timers, buying a complete baking set is the simplest option. Choosing a rolling pin is not an easy task, as different styles have different functions and specifications. The proper design and type of materials used for the same determine the quality of the product and its lifespan.

There are many different kinds of rolling pins in India. While non-stick varieties can be used on any surface, non-stick versions that are well-sealed should not be used on non-stick surfaces such as tandoori grills and non-stick cast-iron tandoors.

As a result, there are three basic types of rolling pins in India:

— Rotating and Full Body Rolling Pin:

 These pins are used to roll the dough in all directions as the bakers have little space to work and are necessary for creating bread that is soft, golden brown, and pliable.

— Versatile Pin: 

The full-body rolling pin allows you to make a variety of bakes with little space.

— Universal Rolling Pin: 

This type of rolling pins is suitable for large-sized bake.

Finally, go for wooden rolling pins. The hollow bottom and the rolling pins can be used interchangeably, which is especially useful in making rotis or chapatis.

People who are not comfortable using a rolling pins at home should get one for themselves that is not too different from what they use at the baker’s shop.

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