How To Choose a Lunchbox for Your Kid

There is a wide range of lunch boxes available in the market, these include different materials, different designs, different durability, different sizes etc. However, not all these factors are important. Here are the factors you need to consider when you are in the market looking for a lunchbox for your child.

Bigger Size Is Better

When buying a lunchbox, always keep in mind that you may not need a size larger than what you need. Remember, in situations when you need to carry more food, this extra space can be a boon to you.

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There are lunchboxes with compartments, some of them have a lot of compartments and some have only a few. However, we recommend that you ask your child how he prefers to pack his food and then consider the number of compartments. Some kids don’t like to mix their food, for such kids lunch box with compartment is the best option.


Not all lunchboxes are sturdy, initially most lunchboxes were made of stainless steel. Today, SS is the least used. However, we will not force you to go for SS lunchbox, but instead, will make a combination of SS and other material. There are lunchboxes made of SS inner and outer other materials, such lunchboxes are very durable.


To maintain the temperature of food insulation is very important, however, most lunchboxes do not come with insulation. Hence, you must check this distinguishing feature while buying a lunchbox for your child.

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Over the years, the number of brands marketing lunchboxes has diversified, making lunchbox selection a daunting task. However, no matter how challenging it is, never neglect a brand. Remember, if you want a lunchbox to be food grade, only a good brand can give it to you.

Compact Size

Did you know that lunchboxes of the same capacity can come in different sizes? Yes, they can, some of them may be compact and some of them may appear large by comparison. However, you should consider buying a lunchbox that is compact rather than large.


We are sure that many other brands manufacture and sell lunch boxes in the Indian market. There are also locally made lunch boxes that are available at a much cheaper cost than this list. But they are not very safe for you to store the food as they are made of low quality plastic and are not durable. They can break easily and may also smell of chemicals or plastics when stored in them. The same reasons also make it impossible to crack hot food in them.

Hence it is advisable to go with the lunch box which has a good brand and is made of the best ingredients. We are sure that the above list will help you.

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