How to Choose Right Water Bottle For Your Kid

How to Choose Right Water Bottle For Your Kid

How to Choose Right Water Bottle For Your Kid

Drinking pure and clean water is very important for any human being, especially for kids. When traveling or when they go to school, many kids tend to drink soft drinks or juices, which can cause several health issues. Weight gain is one of the significant health issues caused due to this kind of drinks, and not many people are aware of that fact. In countries like India, the weather is always hot, and it is very important to keep the kids hydrated all the time. Drinking water from time to time will make sure that the kids are safe and hydrated all day long.

You will need the right water bottles for your kids. Plastic water bottles are not as safe as they are made using harmful chemical-based plastic material. You should always prefer a material that is safe for the kids and does not contain any toxins in the material used. Along with that, you should also consider the size, shape, cold or hot water you wish to carry and many other factors.

Now, this is going to get tough for you to pick one water bottle for your kids that is safe and also meets all other parameters that you are looking for. Along with that, the number of models and brands available in the market makes it tougher for you to pick one, as there are several brands available. All of them claim to be the best brand and safe for the kids. It is your responsibility to pick one good kid’s water bottle. If you think that you will not be able to do it, then you can check out the list given below and you will be able to pick one of them. All the kids’ water bottles listed below are safe and affordable.

Avoid plastic bottles

It is not that all the plastics are not good, it is just that it is high time that we start avoiding plastics for everyone’s future. Today, water kids water bottle comes made of different type of materials, stainless steel is one such good material. Unlike most other materials, stainless steel is more durable. Apart from stainless steel, there are glass water bottles. However, for kids, it could be too much. No matter what, you should avoid plastics at all costs.

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Temperature retention

A good water bottle for a kid should stand between a standard bottle and an insulated flask. It should carry water and maintain the temperature for some time. But, not all water bottles come with such a feature, therefore, if you want your kid to drink hot or cold water, consider purchasing a water bottle that could retain temperature.


Water bottles are available in different sizes and shapes. When it comes to shape, even grown-ups are attracted to shape. Today, the shape of water bottles is different they come in different shapes. Some of them are easy to handle and some of them are worthless. However, the most important thing you should consider is if the water bottle has an ergonomic shape that allows you to handle it with ease. Some water bottle for kids come with grips, these bottles are better than others.

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Water bottles could be manufactured in different ways, especially stainless steel bottles could be made of a single piece or by assembling two or more pieces. However, if the manufacturing process and assembling are poor, the latter has more chances of a leak. Therefore, you must consider purchasing a water bottle for the kid that is made of a single piece. Apart from this, you need to check if the manufacturer guarantees the bottle to be waterproof.

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There are different sizes of water bottles available on the market. As the size differs, the capacity of the water bottle also differs. However, in recent years, we have found some bottles to have size, but, the holding capacity comparatively low. This is why you need to check the product specifications and make sure you are purchasing a water bottle with an adequate holding capacity. Read the customer reviews to verify the manufacturer’s claims.


Water bottles for kids are available in different colors and with different designs on them. Both plastic and stainless steel water bottles are available in different colors. However, you should be careful that the stainless steel bottle you are planning to purchase is not interior paint coated. Over time, the paint inside could seep into the water causing health issues. Therefore, make sure you avoid such water bottles.

Easy to clean and lightweight

Most water bottles are lightweight, however, they are some that are not. Do not avoid such water bottles, heavy water bottles could be more durable and temperature retaining. But, select such water bottles only if your kid is happy with them. Apart from that, the water bottle you select should not have any complicated shape. It should be easy to clean, check the design carefully and evaluate yourselves. The manufacturer might claim them to be easy to clean, but, in practice, you should be able to clean them.

Bottom line

The option in the Indian market flood your way, checking all the options, compare their pros and cons, can be a real waste of time as there are so many options. Just go through the options that we have listed above and they can save you a lot of time. This article will just guide you on what can be the best options, but it is your decision that is going to be final. You need to make sure that it has all the qualities of a good water bottle for kids, and also something that your munchkin likes. You cannot deny their likes and just pick one of your own choices. Buying a water bottle of your kid’s choice will encourage them towards drinking more water every day, and that will keep them hydrated all day long.

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